Our Mission

Our mission is to enable students to own their development by setting their own high standard of personal and academic excellence as evidenced by a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Our Goals

Develop students from being dependent to independent; from being told what to do, how to do it, how to fix it, and what help they need to: self-manage; self-direct; self-correct and self-advocate. Using the ACE methodology, we:

  • Improve the overall retention rate of college freshmen
  • Enable students to take responsibility for their own academic outcomes
  • Teach students how to set realistic GPA targets and adjust them as necessary
  • Help students graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher


Accelerated College Experience (ACE) uses a holistic approach, a combination of research-based skills and strategies that guide students to academic and social success. ACE programs simulate the challenges students traditionally experience during the first year of college and exposes the rigor required to navigate these challenges. ACE Coaches reinforce the four pillars throughout the programs and during the coaching sessions while providing students the tools and on-going support needed to navigate both academic and non-academic challenges.

We offer closed or private programs for institutional partners and open programs for individuals. ACE targets students transitioning from high school to college, adults who are continuing their education and community-based organizations (CBO’s) that have college-prep programs.

ACE Launches College Accredited Course

ACE launched its first college accredited course, June 2014 in partnership with Roxbury Community College, (RCC). Students from Mass General Hospital's MGH Scholars Program enrolled in the ACS 102 MGH College Orientation course taught by an RCC faculty member.

Students who complete the ACS 102 course earn three college credits that are transferable to most of the colleges the students will attend in the fall.

High School Seniors Sharpen Writing Skills

Twenty high school 12th graders participated in ACE's Summer Writing Workshop hosted at Simmons College. During the workshop, students completed an essay to meet the standards required for the college application process.

The workshop also included Admissions officials from Roger Williams University, Roxbury Community College, Simmons College and Stonehill College, who provided students with feedback on their essays and a panel discussion on navigating the college selection and admissions process at each of their respective institutions.