ACE Onboarding Programs equip students with the know-how to successfully transition from high school into college. Some students think that because they did well in high school, they will automatically do well in college. This misconception trips up many good students. No matter how well a student did in high school, college is much more demanding and requires a different set of skills. Our goal is to introduce those skills and have students practice applying them before starting college; we help them navigate into this next phase so they will thoroughly enjoy their college experience – and excel.

5-Week Summer Program at Roxbury Community College (RCC)

The 5-week Onboarding Program is designed to help students jumpstart their college experience while getting three transferable college credits.* Students will have all of the privileges of being an RCC student during their time on campus. Students learn how to utilize all of the concepts and strategies, and they experience what being a college student will be like in an environment that has built-in support while learning how to manage anxiety or being overwhelmed. Students also learn the discipline and rigor required to be a successful college student.

5-Day Onboarding Program

The 5-day Onboarding Program is an accelerated version of the 5-week Onboarding Program. Students learn all of the concepts and strategies offered in the 5-week program. They get homework and are required to do presentations, and practice in much smaller groups, but there is significantly less time to practice the skills learned, or fully develop the various strategies learned.

Half-Day Onboarding Orientation (3-Day Program)

Students get an overview of the 3-Day Onboarding program including expectations of students and trainers, the intensity of the program and the assignments required of them during the three days. The orientation also stresses the difference between high school and college, so students leave better prepared for their first semester of college.

3-Day Onboarding Program

The 3-day Onboarding Program is an accelerated version of the 5-day Onboarding Program. Students are introduced to all of the concepts and strategies. They get some assignments and are required to do presentations, but they do not get the opportunity to practice the skills learned. Classes are limited to 6 students and runs from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Onboarding Program Objectives: All Onboarding programs teach students how to:

  • Manage their time – for both class and class assignments
  • Be responsible and accountable for assignments
  • Stay actively engaged during class
  • Implement what they are learning
  • Establish study habits and develop test-taking strategies
  • Practice being prepared
  • Work successfully in groups and on group projects
  • Practice how to self-manage, self-direct, self-correct, and self-advocate
  • Have fun!

* Transfer credits are college dependent.

The 5-Week and 5-Day programs include one-on-one coaching with an ACE Coach for the freshman year. During these coaching sessions, students learn how to utilize the four pillars to keep themselves on track and how to utilize their coaches as resources to address concerns and issues as they come up.