The Power of Choice Seminar

People often get stuck on the idea of going back to school or changing careers and never take action – they stall, and never act upon their desires. The Power of Choice helps them break through this inertia and move forward to achieve important education and career goals.

Whether an individual is considering college for the first time or returning to college after a failed attempt, the Power of Choice is an experience where they gain tools and knowledge they can use to achieve success throughout their entire lives.

Program Objectives: In the Power of Choice individuals learn how to:

  • Explore what motivates them and how it influences their decision making and planning
  • Examine choices they’ve made thus far, and the decision-making process that led to those choices
  • Identify what works for them, and what holds them back

By understanding and defining their personal approach to planning, they can identify when they have made inactive, reactive or proactive choices. They will learn a more effective approach to making decisions and build the confidence to act on those choices.

Parents and Guardians: Parent Workshop

You have prepared your child for college, but what about you? You have just sent your child off to college, and now the real work begins - letting go and letting your child learn from their mistakes. This half-day workshop provides parents the opportunity to share their concerns, discuss these questions and receive direction and guidance on how to proceed. Every parent knows there are no guarantees, but being well informed and keeping the lines of communication open with your child will help alleviate some of the concerns.

Individual Coaching Packages

ACE’s unique inquiry coaching methodology is a shared responsibility between student and coaches. This approach enables students to own their development – take control of their academic experience as they learn how to navigate through academic and personal challenges. This coaching process also provides students a safe place to share concerns or challenges they are experiencing and to identify solutions with support from their coaches. These one-to-one coaching sessions help keep students on track. Through our unique inquiry coaching methodology, students build life skills as they learn how to self-manage, self-direct, self-correct and self-advocate. This process allows students to own their accomplishments, become resilient and to be able to say “I did it.” We guide and coach, they do the work.